• When the women wear low-cut when the wretched uncle who always straight check the color of the staring at your career line, when you wear a halter when the attraction is at least a group of “gentleman.”
  • Dress elegant elegant halter is not to worry about with the problem, but it may not be able to meet the unique fashion leger babe dresses sharp taste, so halter dress is not only elegant and classic, but also very rate very modern.
  • Although it is halter, there is no risk of light, but the bare back is also selective, there are more than the u-shaped, inverted trapezoidal, with the implicit circular, deep v. Cross, winding, straps, knotted the details of these halter design, will let others envy drool your beauty back also appreciate your dress grade.

back dress

  • Halter on the A cup or negative A cup of the girl is the “private custom”, usually no chest can be leaked, can only show the butterfly bone and sexy spine. General flat chest sister is very skinny beauty, so when wearing a halter must be exposed thoroughly, the most bright spots of their own body exposed.
  • If there is no halter, then there are patterns of wearing a shirt, at home to find a white shirt to learn how they shirt to wear a large halter.

back dresses