• For the strong return this season, the lotus leaf craze, I believe we are no stranger; how to say it is also tightly stabilized the trend of the throne of 2017 years.
  • Just, the lotus leaf is a people love and hate the fashion element – with good, it is the body of the savior; with the wrong, it is the body of the nemesis. Stereo of the lotus leaf cut destined to the inherent sense of expansion, so the key to wear on the lotus leaf is to understand themselves.
  • LegerBabe dresses The design of the side of the lotus is designed to make the body become full of small heart machine weapon, but if you are a wide shoulder type, then please fiercely refused to the word shoulder, such as LegerBabe new products in the oblique leaves Side design, supplemented by cuffs hollow cut, delicate feminine graceful and to.

leaf dress