• And went to the spring and summer travel season. Now the travel dress has not only asked the comfort so simple, in the spring concave foot shape is more fashionable, more picturesque.
  • There is a popular element, never missed the major fashion T station, but also never lose all areas of clothing designers, it is stripes, simple and not simple trend symbols. This spring and summer, LegerBabe White Dress for the stripes to build a stage – stripes of the alternative monologue. It, sometimes retro, with red and white gray lines to create classic stripes and check the classical mix of feeling. It, sometimes changing, with the stripes will be widened twist fine, shorten the elongation, change density, and even add color plus color, giving the infinite power of fringes, so that the classic elements full of joking and playful.

white dress

  • Pure white has been classified as the angel of the color, but in the flowers of the spring, simple and pure white has become another landscape in the “Yan” beauty. Whether it is elegant classic white shirt or lively and charming little white skirt, pants, let you in the flowers against the background of the stand out. However, the “Yan” beauty can not easily control, white lines tend to produce visual expansion effect, LegerBabe designers in the details of the treatment is quite thought, to modify the feminine beauty and attitude.
  • Soft and smooth Liu color new, but also to a good season. From the curled bloated winter out, into the stretch of bright spring, Sleeveless dress yourself, and have a date with the spring.

leger babe white dress