• Hot and cold uncertain season, in addition to warm outside the beauty is also very critical. Want to wear a dress, but also afraid of a cold, then try Leger Babe knitted harness dress.
    • No matter how brave girls, there is a soft and delicate heart. Girls born love fantasy, like pure and beautiful things. Leger Babe dress is the most representative of the aesthetic standards, but also the most color of the dress.

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  • Leger Babe perfect modification of the tall body, hollow design to LB to add a trace of naughty breath. When the wind gently blowing your clothes, walking in the street girl shaking the shadows, the picture is just enough to imagine beautiful.
  • Red knitting harness, the gentle little woman temperament contrast just right, sexy harness, Slim design, girls sexy, sweet are revealed. Sling Slim knitting, in the cool season to give you intimate warmth. Leger babe is every elegant woman should have a single product, whether it is a dinner or a daily date is a great helper. Your temperament depends on your taste. The overall shape of fresh and sweet, but also very natural.

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