• Classic and avant-garde, elegant and publicity, all kinds of spark in the passion of the collision, leger babe new to bring this spring summer, not the same fashion, not the same dress.
  • Leger Babe women dresses stripes are independent of modern women, showing their hearty, straightforward side. In this year, Leger Babe in the use of stripes in the color is more intense, red, blue, black, yellow and other bright colors intertwined, narrow and narrow design, mixed with minimalist abstract artistic effect, as if we jump A small step by step.

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  • Love is the first part of the germination of love, but also for the first time tasted the “love” taste, jump and romantic. As popular in the Czech folk dance “Polka”, the rhythm of lively and light, conceal the taste of love sweet and joy.
  • In the Leger Babe Dresses new products, this delightful “polka dots” shine, for those style concise design into infinite vitality. Seemingly simple dot pattern, after the size, density of the arrangement, color, shape changes, the interpretation of a different expression of a woman N, but suddenly refined and refined girl, but often elegant retro Shu Female; sometimes dignified and generous, sometimes fashionable avant-garde, interpretation of the unique youth melody.

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