• Fashion tie new play! This year no part of the bandage dresses, do not call the goddess.Nearly two years of fashion, as if bandage dresses tyrants in general, from top to bottom, can see the bandage dresses figure. This spring and summer, the bandage dresses elements have to play a different point, different locations can be pulled out of the same fashion.
  • How about the new wear of the bandage dresses you get it?
  • 1. back bandage. Straps can not only in the chest, but also in the back, so that is actually more sexy extra points, different from the tie in the chest, the design behind the tie makes you look different.
  • 2. chest bandage. Goddess of the summer can not do not have a tight section bandage, good body on the bold Come on Whether it is with a denim skirt, hole jeans, or black tight leggings, can be fashionable street.

bandage dresses

  • 3. bandage on the skirt. Bandage skirt has always been a small Iraq particularly like a single product. Put on A word skirt, the embodiment of sweet and lovely little princess. Put on the package hip skirt, turned sexy hot little wild cat. Both to outline the exquisite curve, but also with the strap to add a small sexy sexy dress, it is beautiful.
  • 4. waist bandage. This summer did not point abdominal muscles, how can you say that they are goddess? Alexander Wang show all kinds of exposed stomach with a combination of band style, absolutely fashionable.

fashion band dress