Different Spring

  • The poet sang of spring, the artist depicts the spring of love, with all the colors and vitality of spring, not love male fashion legerbabe
  • With the most fashionable new decorated spring with you. Lead the trend of the design elements, style mix and match, concise and smooth sense of modern tailoring, the breath of spring in the face of overwhelming power, but a bit more free and easy and maverick taste
  • LegerBabe in the spring for women to prepare a variety of small dew shoulder design, both sides of the lotus leaf elegant and sweet, simple lines and contour design, to create a playful and lovely image. Compared to the avant-garde exposed wearing sexy skin, small dew is more of a subtle provocative taste, especially suitable for the pursuit of elegant beautiful oriental women. Irregular oblique shoulder and the clever integration of the lotus leaf, charming and elegant, instantly enhance the Queen’s aura. On screen display technology partly hidden and partly visible curves of female beauty, perspective and hazy Lace Chiffon, highlight the female kind of great charm.