Let people back design bright spots, highlighting the back curve beautiful, attractive

  • 1-Backless
  • Chest of the aggressive does not apply to me and other people, on the contrary Qiao Lu’s back line, but not with the exercise of restraint of the sexy.
  • Choose the right color and fit the clip, workplace girls can also try. Legerbabe the design of the back partition can not only charming, but also can dress up a fresh student atmosphere.
  • The girl can also feel free to hang my coat on the body, even wear backless also won’t feel in advance can let the whole shape be inopportune or inappropriate, touch of taste.
  • 2-Midriff
  • From the short coat popular since jump off the season of bondage, star people more midriff is a wave after wave, but you really dew on it? Susan put the midriff into two, if you are slender waist that mad people, even without a fat, you only need to show how happy how to be.
  • On the contrary, if your waist with flaws, midriff somewhat straightforward adventure. At this time, we need to narrow the range of the waist, and close to the position of the stomach, to ensure that the exposed place is the thinnest. Can lengthen the leg line a lot, who will pay attention to your waist or slightly sensual figure.