• Hot summer will come and see some beautiful women still wearing a black. Giving the impression that it is like a constantly in the heat of the ball, at any time will explode. Summer or lost black, to point the cool color down the temperature, more cool. To cool or rely on cool colors to transform, like moving air conditioning.


  • Leger Babe dresses These colors are cool and trendy. Fresh white and blue sea, from the visual very cool, to the hot summer down the temperature. Popular blue have a lot of: quiet blue, cowboy blue, sapphire blue … no matter what kind of blue and white can be put up to cool, both with a more complex skinny translucent white, fresh and quiet yet yet fashionable.


  • Leger Babe strapless more cool and stylish, there is a breeze blowing fresh. While the cool sling style is also suitable for summer. Cool blue color like the ocean, always make people calm down, blue and blue combination even more cool. Blue can rely on the depth or different materials to highlight the sense of hierarchy. Too monotonous The use of bags, shoes and other accessories play hit color element is also very clever choice.