• Spring has come, but the temperature is not the perfect imagination, in addition to the temperature difference sooner or later, there is a wet with the cold, this time, LegerBabe dress with a variety of, so you are not the same fashion. When you are hesitating for the day during the day, please wear a LegerBabe dress when you go to breakfast, see a customer, run outside, or other workplace. Dress is undoubtedly the best choice to wear lazy, save the bother with the mix, and comes with a sense of quality.

not the same dress

  • Today, three or four months, the street is simply the existence of two different seasons of people. Of course, this season, that is, when the knitted dress conspicuous, especially the tight-fitting mini-dress, but one of the few significant thin single product. In addition, the suit-style shirt with long paragraph half skirt effect also appears to be more light and soft, but also very clean and neat. In fact, in life. We can not live in the catwalk every day, naturally is the life of fashion. Fashion is a “way” that is a style. For most girls in terms of fashion is to show their own life, more like a self-display. most Will be simple and generous style.

not the same style