Who says green dress does not look good?

  • Green on behalf of the forest has a distinctive and full of features, will undoubtedly become the most suitable for this spring and summer monochrome wear options.
  • Mention green, we certainly the first reaction is dark green, but in fact on the green dresses can not only a dark green, deep military green or the upcoming fresh green vegetation and so will be in this spring and summer season repeated appearance.
  • If you are really a green enthusiasts, then enjoy the use of a variety of green single product to play together. You can green in the end, with the same green single product wearing a LOOK will be very fashionable.

green dress

  • Different saturation or different brightness of the green will show a different fashion sense, and with a combination of different colors will be different from the spark of fashion. The same color wear for a variety of colors, before talking about some difficult to control the warm color system can also abide by the same color principle, and the use of a single product of different materials or the length of the difference can create a sense of high level feel dress The Of course, green is the same. The same color, dark green + green green CP combination, but can not be ignored in autumn and winter a landscape. Dark green, military green is known as the green line in the fashionable play, so the combination of the two will become more fashionable up.

green dresses