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  • Chiffon skirt, print skirt, denim skirt, shirt skirt, dress skirt, miniskirt, sleeveless skirt … too numerous to mention. No matter how varied the style, has always been “dress”.
  • You have to explain the gentle and virtuous little sister sister wind, quiet pastoral wind, or mature and capable OL wind, Leger Babe dresses always have a suitable for you! Style changeable, fashion mix and match, become fashionable trendy people!


  • Leger Babe design skirt length and cut, you can show a different style, you can show the feminine side, you can also show the personality of fashion modeling, upper body as long as with more fit style, usually also not easy to error. Lower body more meaty girls, may try to choose knee-length round skirt models, you can rely on skirt type modification body.


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  • Hot summer will come and see some beautiful women still wearing a black. Giving the impression that it is like a constantly in the heat of the ball, at any time will explode. Summer or lost black, to point the cool color down the temperature, more cool. To cool or rely on cool colors to transform, like moving air conditioning.


  • Leger Babe dresses These colors are cool and trendy. Fresh white and blue sea, from the visual very cool, to the hot summer down the temperature. Popular blue have a lot of: quiet blue, cowboy blue, sapphire blue … no matter what kind of blue and white can be put up to cool, both with a more complex skinny translucent white, fresh and quiet yet yet fashionable.


  • Leger Babe strapless more cool and stylish, there is a breeze blowing fresh. While the cool sling style is also suitable for summer. Cool blue color like the ocean, always make people calm down, blue and blue combination even more cool. Blue can rely on the depth or different materials to highlight the sense of hierarchy. Too monotonous The use of bags, shoes and other accessories play hit color element is also very clever choice.


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  • If the weather sooner or later feel cool, then choose a Leger Babe knit dress on the better. Leger Babe dresses mini style sexy enchanting, warm red dress is very eye-catching, if you are also a fair-skinned girl suggested that you can try this more color. Long section of the knitted dress is very elegant and noble, especially for some formal occasions to wear, with pointed high heels, and instantly became the whole popularity.


  • If you want to concave type, but also with one or two more special style to do, for example, the last season on the popular halter, leaving a sexy back for a long time can not forget. Of course, a simple color simple dress belongs to the wardrobe in the necessary style, now popular retro green, noble eye-catching is red or highlight the temperament of the nude color series is a good choice.


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  • “Real fashion, the real design, not just to make clothes, but also change the world”
  • Fashion can be inspired from the “home”. In this respect, fashion becomes more hypnotic, more cumbersome and warmer, and it intertwates the promise and the meaning of existence, and becomes the safe harbor of their own people, so that their dreams can be found. But avant-garde designers have long learned to doubt the kind of simple happiness. Soft, but cumbersome and cumbersome, this “can wear the house” with the characteristics may also be easy to become a burden.
  • In other respects, fashion as a “home” may also cause annoyance. Immediately following the Second World War, Louise Bourgeois created her famous “Femme Maion” series of paintings, and then made it a sculpture. Each of the works of this series consists of a naked woman and a house. The French-American artist is also the source of inspiration for designer Simone Rocha. In the eyes of some people, she is like a commentator, saying that sometimes the traditional role of women in the family is to make them feel suffocated.
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  • Cold weather in the past, warm spring arrival, all kinds of dating, a variety of parties, beautiful girl’s wardrobe how can we get a knit dress? With these questions, we start from the knitting, together to study how to match in order to let us in the spring is still charming and beautiful. Whether you are sweet control girl Fan children or reckless cool girl, can be found here in Leger Babe fit for their own match.

fashion lb dress
legerbabe cold

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  • What gift can let girls like and can feel your mind? LegerBabe dress or can give you the answer to learn more about LegerBabe cocktail dresses.
  • The girl seems to be God in the creation of this world when the human surprise, because each girl has its own unique temperament, to bring people around happy. Or cute pure, or sexy style, or straightforward hearty, or bright and moving. When you pick a gift for her, always want to find a unique charm with her unique things. In short, a noble yet elegant sexy sexy dress so that every girl happy and love him.

lbdresses on sale

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  • And went to the spring and summer travel season. Now the travel dress has not only asked the comfort so simple, in the spring concave foot shape is more fashionable, more picturesque.
  • There is a popular element, never missed the major fashion T station, but also never lose all areas of clothing designers, it is stripes, simple and not simple trend symbols. This spring and summer, LegerBabe White Dress for the stripes to build a stage – stripes of the alternative monologue. It, sometimes retro, with red and white gray lines to create classic stripes and check the classical mix of feeling. It, sometimes changing, with the stripes will be widened twist fine, shorten the elongation, change density, and even add color plus color, giving the infinite power of fringes, so that the classic elements full of joking and playful.

white dress

  • Pure white has been classified as the angel of the color, but in the flowers of the spring, simple and pure white has become another landscape in the “Yan” beauty. Whether it is elegant classic white shirt or lively and charming little white skirt, pants, let you in the flowers against the background of the stand out. However, the “Yan” beauty can not easily control, white lines tend to produce visual expansion effect, LegerBabe designers in the details of the treatment is quite thought, to modify the feminine beauty and attitude.
  • Soft and smooth Liu color new, but also to a good season. From the curled bloated winter out, into the stretch of bright spring, Sleeveless dress yourself, and have a date with the spring.

leger babe white dress

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  • Spring has come, but the temperature is not the perfect imagination, in addition to the temperature difference sooner or later, there is a wet with the cold, this time, LegerBabe dress with a variety of, so you are not the same fashion. When you are hesitating for the day during the day, please wear a LegerBabe dress when you go to breakfast, see a customer, run outside, or other workplace. Dress is undoubtedly the best choice to wear lazy, save the bother with the mix, and comes with a sense of quality.

not the same dress

  • Today, three or four months, the street is simply the existence of two different seasons of people. Of course, this season, that is, when the knitted dress conspicuous, especially the tight-fitting mini-dress, but one of the few significant thin single product. In addition, the suit-style shirt with long paragraph half skirt effect also appears to be more light and soft, but also very clean and neat. In fact, in life. We can not live in the catwalk every day, naturally is the life of fashion. Fashion is a “way” that is a style. For most girls in terms of fashion is to show their own life, more like a self-display. most Will be simple and generous style.

not the same style

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Who says green dress does not look good?

  • Green on behalf of the forest has a distinctive and full of features, will undoubtedly become the most suitable for this spring and summer monochrome wear options.
  • Mention green, we certainly the first reaction is dark green, but in fact on the green dresses can not only a dark green, deep military green or the upcoming fresh green vegetation and so will be in this spring and summer season repeated appearance.
  • If you are really a green enthusiasts, then enjoy the use of a variety of green single product to play together. You can green in the end, with the same green single product wearing a LOOK will be very fashionable.

green dress

  • Different saturation or different brightness of the green will show a different fashion sense, and with a combination of different colors will be different from the spark of fashion. The same color wear for a variety of colors, before talking about some difficult to control the warm color system can also abide by the same color principle, and the use of a single product of different materials or the length of the difference can create a sense of high level feel dress The Of course, green is the same. The same color, dark green + green green CP combination, but can not be ignored in autumn and winter a landscape. Dark green, military green is known as the green line in the fashionable play, so the combination of the two will become more fashionable up.

green dresses

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  • When the women wear low-cut when the wretched uncle who always straight check the color of the staring at your career line, when you wear a halter when the attraction is at least a group of “gentleman.”
  • Dress elegant elegant halter is not to worry about with the problem, but it may not be able to meet the unique fashion leger babe dresses sharp taste, so halter dress is not only elegant and classic, but also very rate very modern.
  • Although it is halter, there is no risk of light, but the bare back is also selective, there are more than the u-shaped, inverted trapezoidal, with the implicit circular, deep v. Cross, winding, straps, knotted the details of these halter design, will let others envy drool your beauty back also appreciate your dress grade.

back dress

  • Halter on the A cup or negative A cup of the girl is the “private custom”, usually no chest can be leaked, can only show the butterfly bone and sexy spine. General flat chest sister is very skinny beauty, so when wearing a halter must be exposed thoroughly, the most bright spots of their own body exposed.
  • If there is no halter, then there are patterns of wearing a shirt, at home to find a white shirt to learn how they shirt to wear a large halter.

back dresses

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