London Fashion Week 2017

  • How to go beyond their own, how to find their own position in a diversified society, is the most attention of the designers of the London Fashion week.
  • Whether men or women, flowers are always welcomed by designers, because they symbolize the human understanding of the “good”. It can be seen as a brand of inspiration, as for the layout of the show, the United States and the United States and the United States even more so the name of the product. Interestingly, the British style of the wind blowing up to the people’s hair, but they do not blow the heart of beauty. There is beauty “mink” near the body, a small dew shoulder, charming, like winter like spring as london.
  • It will be hard to choose which is the highest priority when placing more elements in the design – feathers, flowers, and synthetic fibers. In fact, this is J.W.Anderson’s overall style, with natural and organic Anderson this season with relatively rough, synthetic fiber is very fashionable design, as well as those at the same time reminiscent of several times the strange collage.
  • The design of Christopher Kane has a mischievous sense of humor, because he is love like transform or subvert the original elements, form different irregular clothing words, abrupt cut, a riot of colours sequins, and various elements of a powerful and unconstrained style mix. But the magic is that even if there are a lot of decorative elements, the overall effect is still intact.
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