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  • At the party, the friends around to chat, play sexy summer, Lu Mei back such things should come to come. Convex and has caused the curve, comes with provocative style of the butterfly bone, the most important thing is a sexy sexy turn is too lethal.
  • You can pick up a halter can imagine to put on, keep the full rate of the effect, this summer to be assured to Leger Babe Dresses. Vacation, dating, daily one can not be less.

sexy dress

  • When you dating, wearing Leger Babe designed halter has some sweet and sexy, LB from the cut to the color must be affectionate. You usually care about the beauty of the United States, a little carved to win beautiful and not leak traces.
  • On the beach, in the street, in any one of your vacation place, wearing a halter running around, take pictures to commemorate. This summer for the holiday, Leger Babe vest, skirt all kinds of halter are ready.
  • When you wear a daily halter, obviously more design sense, all kinds of clever halter can try. Self-confident feeling is also showing a fashionable temperament.

LegerBabe sexy dress

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  • Classic and avant-garde, elegant and publicity, all kinds of spark in the passion of the collision, leger babe new to bring this spring summer, not the same fashion, not the same dress.
  • Leger Babe women dresses stripes are independent of modern women, showing their hearty, straightforward side. In this year, Leger Babe in the use of stripes in the color is more intense, red, blue, black, yellow and other bright colors intertwined, narrow and narrow design, mixed with minimalist abstract artistic effect, as if we jump A small step by step.

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  • Love is the first part of the germination of love, but also for the first time tasted the “love” taste, jump and romantic. As popular in the Czech folk dance “Polka”, the rhythm of lively and light, conceal the taste of love sweet and joy.
  • In the Leger Babe Dresses new products, this delightful “polka dots” shine, for those style concise design into infinite vitality. Seemingly simple dot pattern, after the size, density of the arrangement, color, shape changes, the interpretation of a different expression of a woman N, but suddenly refined and refined girl, but often elegant retro Shu Female; sometimes dignified and generous, sometimes fashionable avant-garde, interpretation of the unique youth melody.

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  • Leger Babe bid farewell to the cold winter, vibrant and colorful spring and summer clothing brought a long absence of fresh smell. Leger Babe’s spring and summer new products create a charming image of youth, whether it is striped dress, or romantic soft flowers and lotus leaf dress. The bright colors and bold cut are the perfect interpretation of the “youth” theme. In this Sentimental youth years, what is your lingering youth taste? Bold, laughter, bitter, harvest the taste, only one who is or have a youth will understand.

new dress

  • Youth is the most precious period of life for everyone, and in this period we have the same age, full of energy and blooming. Leger babe dresses, pleated skirts, trapezoidal skirts … … classic style.Leger Babe designers use different ways to show the charm of the dress, wake up people’s senses, such as that period of bright youth vividly in front.

new dresses

  • This year, the trend of irregular elements is quietly struck, leger babe this season also prepared a publicity personality asymmetric design single product, unique cutting, with the skirt, edged trousers, high open half skirt, leger Babe dresses are more innovative and walking on the street. In addition, with a different material splicing to create a sense of asymmetry, knitting and chiffon material collision, resulting in the effect of hardness and softness, both cool and full of feminine feminine, unrestrained and free.

legerbabe new

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In the bed watching the sun outside the sun, the garden of flowers, lamented the spring really nice, is not it also go out? So immediately got up to open the closet, what to wear the most suitable for such a good weather is definitely the most important thing before going out.
Pure white has always been considered the color of angels, simple and pure white has become another beauty in the landscape. When you wear a white Leger Babe dresses, that is the gas field is full, instant spike the audience. Words is not only you, white is definitely the favorite colors of girls, especially in spring and summer, a white single product will be able to let you instantly cool, but do not think that white looks like so simple, in fact, such as with white Dress, that can have meaning.
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  • For the strong return this season, the lotus leaf craze, I believe we are no stranger; how to say it is also tightly stabilized the trend of the throne of 2017 years.
  • Just, the lotus leaf is a people love and hate the fashion element – with good, it is the body of the savior; with the wrong, it is the body of the nemesis. Stereo of the lotus leaf cut destined to the inherent sense of expansion, so the key to wear on the lotus leaf is to understand themselves.
  • LegerBabe dresses The design of the side of the lotus is designed to make the body become full of small heart machine weapon, but if you are a wide shoulder type, then please fiercely refused to the word shoulder, such as LegerBabe new products in the oblique leaves Side design, supplemented by cuffs hollow cut, delicate feminine graceful and to.

leaf dress

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