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  • Dress spring come, in the days of warming up the girls want to wear what? In fact, the most beautiful spring, but a dress, one-piece skirt to wear on the ultra-beautiful.
  • Legerbabe Dresses selection of different tricks of the dress, all are wild good to wear a single product, was tall and trendy, wearing double simple shoes can easily go out, the influx of people also personally demonstrated the beauty of the dress, Get up and see.
  • Large area of floral fresh sweet, like a flower in the sea, the whole person’s mood will become better. Sunny spring is suitable for wearing a romantic print dress, accompanied by smooth lines and tender skirt, walk up Every step is charming.
  • Elegant and warm knit dress. If sooner or later there are some cool words, then choose a knitted dress on the better. Mini style sexy enchanting, warm orange is very eye-catching, if you are also a fair-skinned girl suggested that you can try this more color.
  • Long section of the knit dress is very elegant and noble, especially suitable for attendance in some formal occasions to wear, with pointed high heels, and instantly became the whole queen.
  • If you want to concave shape, then also have one or two more special style to do, for example, the last season on the popular halter, leaving a sexy back for a long time can’t forget.Of course, a simple color simple dress belongs to the wardrobe in the necessary style, now popular retro green, noble eye-catching red or highlight the temperament of the nude color is a good choice.

spring dress
spring dresses

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  • In fact, sometimes fashion is not necessarily a dazzling array of colors is good, but some of the basic style is the most able to wear a single fan. It’s like there are all kinds of single items in a woman’s wardrobe, but it’s just a few. Speaking of not missing, it must be a strapless dress, and leger babe sleeveless Dresses charming dress is more fashionable girl is essential.
  • The shoulder will always be one of the woman is the most sexy parts, regardless of height and weight, as long as the proper method of dew will be very beautiful! Girls don’t mean your sweet shoulder, bold high profile.

Sleeveless Dresses
Sweetheart neckline

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  • Since after warming up, girls wardrobe should also be filled with a lot of spring summer, it is not wait to release yourself? In particular, when exposed ankle has been unable to meet the release of sexy, too cool and will be wearing a white eye, how to wear a leger dress to both beautiful and fresh?
  • Do not promote a large area of bare, the most simple is a strapless, collar shirt can make you perfect shoulder curve display, Leger babe one shoulder Dresses with falbala collar elements can let your sexy look clear. Presumably last year we had already tasted the sweetness of sexy small dew.
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LegerBabe Women Want To Be Here

  • The shoulder will always be one of the women is the most sexy parts, regardless of height and weight, as long as the proper method of dew will be very beautiful! Girls, don’t be stingy with your shoulder, bold and high sounding! Want to tease the male god depends on it.
  • Designer Donna Karan once said: “there is only one place will not increase weight, that is the shoulder. It will not wrinkle, will not gain weight, I love my shoulder.” Scorching sun, where dew dew shoulder, goddess fan children go up!
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  • Modern women, although full of vitality, but absolute elegance. They need to dress, from the body itself needs, will be comfortable as the first, but need to be able to interpret the inner world. The legerbabe brand structure and therefore combines architectural aesthetic sense and sense lines, and clever fusion of fashion aesthetic, to dress with style and taste inheritance attitude.
  • The taste of the legerbabe design, the preference of the special shape and the unique collocation of the insight, are in the spirit of the temple, to experience, to recall, to understand the classic picture accumulation. The modern women want to pursue, is the life of an independent powerful, spiritual abundance of mystery. They often need to deal with the family, work, life, to find a balance between them, but still need to release the self space.
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What Kind Of Dress Makes You Crazy

  • If you let you choose how you will express sexy? Pure dew meat or shy and deliberately cover up. Naked sexy look is not so important, but we cannot ignore the sexy people can bring the fashionable effect.
  • In fact, as a kind of lace production process is complex and expensive fabrics are just as the earliest use of embellishment, but its charm is too strong so later “, has become a major turn from a guest into a host” fabric designers annotation work.
  • Now the whole made of lace clothing can be seen everywhere, many of them are playing a bold perspective”. The stars are particularly enthusiastic about the perspective of the lace single product, whether it is a true perspective of pure lace single product or fake through the flesh of the bare color lining lace single product, they can wear out the essence.
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Different Spring

  • The poet sang of spring, the artist depicts the spring of love, with all the colors and vitality of spring, not love male fashion legerbabe
  • With the most fashionable new decorated spring with you. Lead the trend of the design elements, style mix and match, concise and smooth sense of modern tailoring, the breath of spring in the face of overwhelming power, but a bit more free and easy and maverick taste
  • LegerBabe in the spring for women to prepare a variety of small dew shoulder design, both sides of the lotus leaf elegant and sweet, simple lines and contour design, to create a playful and lovely image. Compared to the avant-garde exposed wearing sexy skin, small dew is more of a subtle provocative taste, especially suitable for the pursuit of elegant beautiful oriental women. Irregular oblique shoulder and the clever integration of the lotus leaf, charming and elegant, instantly enhance the Queen’s aura. On screen display technology partly hidden and partly visible curves of female beauty, perspective and hazy Lace Chiffon, highlight the female kind of great charm.
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London Fashion Week 2017

  • How to go beyond their own, how to find their own position in a diversified society, is the most attention of the designers of the London Fashion week.
  • Whether men or women, flowers are always welcomed by designers, because they symbolize the human understanding of the “good”. It can be seen as a brand of inspiration, as for the layout of the show, the United States and the United States and the United States even more so the name of the product. Interestingly, the British style of the wind blowing up to the people’s hair, but they do not blow the heart of beauty. There is beauty “mink” near the body, a small dew shoulder, charming, like winter like spring as london.
  • It will be hard to choose which is the highest priority when placing more elements in the design – feathers, flowers, and synthetic fibers. In fact, this is J.W.Anderson’s overall style, with natural and organic Anderson this season with relatively rough, synthetic fiber is very fashionable design, as well as those at the same time reminiscent of several times the strange collage.
  • The design of Christopher Kane has a mischievous sense of humor, because he is love like transform or subvert the original elements, form different irregular clothing words, abrupt cut, a riot of colours sequins, and various elements of a powerful and unconstrained style mix. But the magic is that even if there are a lot of decorative elements, the overall effect is still intact.
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In the spring of 2017, how would you choose a dress?

  • Spring is coming sooner than later and what better way to get prepared than to stock your wardrobe with the season’s most eye-catching gems? From cool denim to groundbreaking florals, here are the spring frocks we have our eye on.
  • Like most people, when I receive an invite to any sort of occasion, one of my first thoughts is “What am I going to wear?” And it’s sort of bittersweet because I get excited—I get to go shopping and find something—but I also feel a little bit stressed to find the right look that’s appropriate to that occasion and something I’ll feel nice in. I think that appropriateness is super important, and that’s something we really took into consideration here.
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