• In the summer, Leger Babe sexy strapless is to enhance the ladies of the dress! Leger Babe dresses off shoulder design well-behaved, rolled up cuff design to increase the overall fashionable degree, off shoulder cocktail dresses clean white clear and bright, gives a feeling of comfort is refreshing, revealing the shoulder lines also make people feel a lot of light, off shoulder dresses the harp has a hint of little feminine. Clever and sexy combination of sparks.


  • Dressed in light orange white dress, like the memory of the alley in the mouth of the beautiful girl next door, dresses off white and add a trace of charming feeling, word strapless and sweet little white shoes to bring fresh and cool summer, neck on the white scarves are declared in the cool girl’s sweet atmosphere, the men are really sweet to.
  • Women’s bandage dresses is also popular in the summer, simple thin belt not only to dress more comfortable, but also create the most sexy cool atmosphere. Elegant and elegant bandage dresses with cheap of course can not miss, clear and soft texture of the fabric will not bring pressure on your summer shape.