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  • Fashion tie new play! This year no part of the bandage dresses, do not call the goddess.Nearly two years of fashion, as if bandage dresses tyrants in general, from top to bottom, can see the bandage dresses figure. This spring and summer, the bandage dresses elements have to play a different point, different locations can be pulled out of the same fashion.
  • How about the new wear of the bandage dresses you get it?
  • 1. back bandage. Straps can not only in the chest, but also in the back, so that is actually more sexy extra points, different from the tie in the chest, the design behind the tie makes you look different.
  • 2. chest bandage. Goddess of the summer can not do not have a tight section bandage, good body on the bold Come on Whether it is with a denim skirt, hole jeans, or black tight leggings, can be fashionable street.

bandage dresses

  • 3. bandage on the skirt. Bandage skirt has always been a small Iraq particularly like a single product. Put on A word skirt, the embodiment of sweet and lovely little princess. Put on the package hip skirt, turned sexy hot little wild cat. Both to outline the exquisite curve, but also with the strap to add a small sexy sexy dress, it is beautiful.
  • 4. waist bandage. This summer did not point abdominal muscles, how can you say that they are goddess? Alexander Wang show all kinds of exposed stomach with a combination of band style, absolutely fashionable.

fashion band dress

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How to match Legerbabe dress?

  • Different material collocation is the same color if other black then you can start from different materials to create a sense of hierarchy, the collision of different materials so that even if the black shape is also full of surprise, either leather or silk, woolen and soft fur and so on, these different materials you can choose what to collocation.
  • 1.Bandage Dresses and waist shirt: Wearing a shirt on the waist of the law in this season by a crowd of people sought after, not only to improve the waist line so that the legs longer, but also to create a casual feeling.
  • 2.Bandage Dresses and coat:In the sexy suspenders skirt plus a coat, gas field immediately out.
  • 3.Bandage Dresses and high-heeled shoes: Sexy suspender skirt, of course, to take high heels, simple elegance, shopping dating.
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London Fashion Week 2017

  • How to go beyond their own, how to find their own position in a diversified society, is the most attention of the designers of the London Fashion week.
  • Whether men or women, flowers are always welcomed by designers, because they symbolize the human understanding of the “good”. It can be seen as a brand of inspiration, as for the layout of the show, the United States and the United States and the United States even more so the name of the product. Interestingly, the British style of the wind blowing up to the people’s hair, but they do not blow the heart of beauty. There is beauty “mink” near the body, a small dew shoulder, charming, like winter like spring as london.
  • It will be hard to choose which is the highest priority when placing more elements in the design – feathers, flowers, and synthetic fibers. In fact, this is J.W.Anderson’s overall style, with natural and organic Anderson this season with relatively rough, synthetic fiber is very fashionable design, as well as those at the same time reminiscent of several times the strange collage.
  • The design of Christopher Kane has a mischievous sense of humor, because he is love like transform or subvert the original elements, form different irregular clothing words, abrupt cut, a riot of colours sequins, and various elements of a powerful and unconstrained style mix. But the magic is that even if there are a lot of decorative elements, the overall effect is still intact.
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  • Spring footsteps getting closer, has been overbearing contract your neck fast a winter high collar sweater is the time to say goodbye. Next, it is time for the dress to debut.
  • Spring is a warm season, suitable for play, shopping, love. When you find love, it is difficult to choose clothes? LegerBabe Dresses to bring you with a variety of styles and choose, do not have to wear any clothes and worry.
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Immediately approached the white Valentine’s Day, you want to give he/her the gift of it? If not, take a look at LegerBabe’s recommendation.

  • As the “White Valentine’s Day” originated in Europe, so the European people on the “White Valentine’s Day” has a certain history, and has formed a very mature customs. According to legend, on February 14, the boy sent the girl to the gift (usually for roses and chocolate). After a month of consideration and inspection, to March 14, if the girl back to the boy gift (usually send pure handmade cookies), it means that girls recognize the boy, you can fall in love.
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  • LegerBabe dresses with the city’s fashion, holiday leisure, elegant dinner, commute simple, perfect for all kinds of occasions.
  • American style of simple wind, elastic straps fabric perfect fit the body curve, shaping the slim visual effects, coupled with the classic nude color or black high heels to create an elegant high style, so you have become the focus of fashion.
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  • Welcome to LegerBabe,LegerBabe focuses on dress design and tailoring, and designs dresses, such as: Ball Dresses, Date Dresses, Party Dresses, Print Dresses, Short Sleeveless, Bodycon Dresses, Mini Dresses, and so on. And we pay more attention to quality and cutting, to ensure that each dress to wear up to make you different feeling, so that consumers buy rest assured that wear more comfortable and sexy.
  • LegerBabe has now become one of the most acclaimed online stores for women’s fashion.
  • We are dedicated to providing the most cutting-edge fashion with some of the lowest prices in the entire industry.Products on are being updated faster than most of its competitors, catering to the tastes of different customers.
  • At the moment, we have warehouses located in the United States, Europe and China to securely store the products, making sure the items would get delivered to our customers as quickly as possible.
  • Wish you happy shopping
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