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  • Tassel element has been fashionable (micro-blog) the world will not be outdated classic elements. Legerbabe Fringe dresses designers are trying their best to integrate all aspects of fashion elements into the fashion.
  • Tassel elements like a flavoring agent, you can let the dress is very fashionable casual, but also allows the formal style generous. Tassel skirt, tassel coat, tassel bag…… How to match good tassel element?
  • Go to work wearing a tired knee skirt? Try a knee fringed skirt! From the part of the above part of the knee from the beginning, in the dew and dew to find a balance between, is definitely not lost when the sexy elegant woman charm! Choose a suitable for their tassel skirt, do an elegant office workers.
  • Tassel elements in the use of the skirt should be properly controlled, if you are going to work, it must not wear like this…… However, in the leisure occasion, the exaggeration of the tassel element can definitely improve your rate of return.
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Immediately approached the white Valentine’s Day, you want to give he/her the gift of it? If not, take a look at LegerBabe’s recommendation.

  • As the “White Valentine’s Day” originated in Europe, so the European people on the “White Valentine’s Day” has a certain history, and has formed a very mature customs. According to legend, on February 14, the boy sent the girl to the gift (usually for roses and chocolate). After a month of consideration and inspection, to March 14, if the girl back to the boy gift (usually send pure handmade cookies), it means that girls recognize the boy, you can fall in love.
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